Jean-Pierre Melville

This Sep we reach deep into the proverbial vintage vault to bring you a taste of the classic French Crime Noir genre – with a trio of essential films from the godfather of crime himself: Jean-Pierre Melville.

Widely imitated but never toppled, it was Melville’s exacting frames, cool-toned hues and alienated male protagonists that defined an entire genre. But Melville wasn’t just all about the classic criminal plots – he also believed in a beautifully moving camera. All of his shots were brilliantly designed with a stillness that’s both intoxicating yet urgent, paying a tremendous amount of attention to each frame – from the obsessive employment of obscured lightings to the impeccable tailoring of his leads.

So come join as we geek out to 3 of his most important works so far – LE DOULOS, LE CERCLE ROUGE & BOB LE FLAMBEUR (couldn’t get LE SAMOURAI, sorry!)

Supported by Institut Français and Embassy of France in Singapore