Delta Force Improv presents: McBeth N/A
Director: Phil GruberDuration: 90minLanguage: English

Date: Tuesday 29 May 2018
Time: 7:30pm - 9.00pm
Venue: Blue Room

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A Tragi-Comic Tale of Ambition, Betrayal, Murder, Madness….and Fast Food.

An Interactive, Immersive Theatrical Experience, with plenty of Comedy and Improvisation.

Based on William Shakespeare’s Macbeth.
Adapted and Directed by Phil Gruber.

11th Century Scotland, a time of warring clans, the smell of heather, horse manure and heavy petting. Along with a lack of portapotties in those days, there's a dearth of available fast food to consume during protracted battles and sieges. To answer this need, Duncan, an enterprising entrepreneur, seeks a legendary recipe for fried chicken, to cement his place as king of all fast food in Scotland.

Duncan sends his two most trusted generals, McBeth and Banquo, to wrest the secret from a quartet of branding experts who pass themselves off as witches. The witches advise McBeth to host a food and beverage seminar at his castle in Dunsinane, and invite Duncan to be keynote speaker.

What unfolds is a tale of intrigue, naked ambition, lust, betrayal, treachery, murder, and a very bizarre game of bingo!

This is Delta Force Improv's debut performance of McBeth. Delta Force Improv is a sketch comedy and long-form improv ensemble in Singapore, made up of a unique mix of seasoned industry professionals and players from all walks of life. They bring to the burgeoning theatre scene here a keen sense of wildly creative showmanship, daring experimentalism and a willingness to not only push the envelope, but to break free of it all together!