Director: Yasujirô Ozu
Genre: Drama
Year: 1956
Duration: 145 minLanguage: In Japanese with English subtitles

Ozu's exceptional follow-up to his critically acclaimed Tokyo Story is a spellbinding lamentation of fractured hopes and dreams in post-war Japan. Set in the quintessentially humdrum world of salarymen, a discontented young white-collar worker - bored with his wife and his job - has a brief affair with the office flirt, and imperils his marriage.

“I wanted to show the life of a man with such a job — his happiness over graduation and finally becoming a member of society, his hopes for the future gradually dissolving, his realising that, even though he has worked for years, he has accomplished nothing ... I wanted to bring out what you might call the pathos of such a life” -- Ozu.

A sensitive tale woven in Ozu's signature formal beauty and timeless minimalism with a tinge of low-key sadness, Early Spring is touching, thoughtful, and filled with warmth and humour - making this your best, most unforgettable starting point to this great master's illustrious oeuvre.