Fanny and Alexander
Fanny och Alexander M18
Advisory: Intimate ScenesDirector: Ingmar Bergman
Year released: 1982
Duration: 188 minsLanguage: Swedish with English subtitles

Through the eyes of two young children, the titular Fanny and Alexander (Pernilla Allwin; Bertil Guve), we are brought into the sweeping magical world of the Ekdahls, a theatre family.

We begin at an opulent Christmas celebration, but tragedy soon strikes with the death of their father. Fanny and Alexander’s lives are upheaved. The sensual opulence of their childhood soon turns into religious austerity when their trusting mother remarries a strict clergyman, making for a dictatorial stepfather. Fanny and Alexander is a coming-of-age story filled with existential inquiry, and is thought to be the most autobiographical of Bergman’s oeuvre. Hailed as an epic masterpiece, Fanny and Alexander was for many years thought to be Bergman’s swan song.