Fanny and Alexander
Fanny och Alexander M18
Advisory: Intimate ScenesDirector: Ingmar Bergman
Year released: 1982
Duration: 188 minsLanguage: Swedish with English subtitles

An arthouse Christmas - Swedish style

As children in the loving Ekdahl family, Fanny (Pernilla Allwin) and Alexander (Bertil Guve) enjoy a happy life with their parents, who run a theater company. After their father dies unexpectedly, however, the siblings end up in a joyless home when their mother, Emilie (Ewa Fröling), marries a stern bishop (Jan Malmsjö). The bleak situation gradually grows worse as the bishop becomes more controlling, but dedicated relatives resolve to make a valiant attempt to save Emilie, Fanny and Alexander - will they succeed?

An opulent, festive, coming-of-age Christmas story filled with warmth, FANNY & ALEXANDER is thought to be the most autobiographical of Bergman’s oeuvre. Hailed as an epic masterpiece that is both accomplished and rarely bettered, the film became known as the most fitting swan song to Bergman's most illustrious career as a master filmmaker.

Screening made possible with the kind support from the Embassy of Sweden Singapore.