The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros NC16
Director: Auraeus Solito
Genre: Drama
Year: 2005
Stars: Nathan Lopez, Soliman Cruz, J.R. Valentin
Duration: 100 minLanguage: In Tagalog with English subtitles
Hall: Blue Room

"One of those all-too-rare films that handle preadolescent queerness with intelligence and unflinching honesty." - LA Weekly

The purity of first love is pitted against the squalor and corruption in the slums of Manila. Gay, pre-teen Maxi is deeply and uncomplainingly devoted to his family of petty thieves. He cleans house for them, cooks for them, washes their underwear, mends their tattered jeans, and when necessary, covers their tracks. His world revolves around his father and his two brothers, who love and protect him in return. Until Maxi meets Victor, an honest, principled, and handsome policeman. The two become friends. Victor inspires Maxi to hope for a better life, which incurs the ire of Maxi’s family.

Winner of numerous international awards and the first Filipino film officially selected to the Sundance Film Festival and nominated for an Independent Spirit Award.