Singapore GaGa+ Invisible City
Double Bill PG
Director: Tan Pin PinDuration: 115Language: English & Chinese subtitles

A special DOUBLE BILL screening of Tan Pin Pin's iconic films - Singapore GaGa (2006) and Invisible City (2007). Both films saw sold-out theatre runs when first released in Singapore.

SINGAPORE GAGA is a 55-minute paean to the quirkiness of the Singaporean aural landscape. It reveals Singapore's past and present with a delight and humour that makes it a necessary film for all Singaporeans. We hear buskers, street vendors, school cheerleaders sing hymns to themselves and to their communities. From these vocabularies (including Arabic, Latin, Hainanese), a sense of what it might mean to be a modern Singaporean emerges.

Chronicling the ways people attempt to leave a mark before they and their histories disappear. INVISIBLE CITY director Tan Pin Pin interviews people – photographers, journalists and archaeologists – who are propelled by curiosity to find a City for themselves. The documentary conveys how deeply personal their search is and how fragile their histories are, hanging on only through their memories and artefacts