The Glory Hoes Present
Paris is Burning R21
Advisory: Mature ContentDirector: Jennie LivingstonDuration: 71Language: English

Tickets to Screening SOLD OUT
AFTERPARTY ONLY tickets still available!

The event censored from the M1 Singapore Fringe to pander to anonymous conservative homophobic trolls.

Required viewing for all contestants of RuPaul's Drag Race, this is the film that brought voguing, shade, reading and realness from the drag houses and balls of 1980's Harlem to the attention of the world. It's the film that's changed our lives and now, we'll watch it together in what promises to be a Singapore KiKi!

From 8pm (before the movie):
Come early, eat, drink, size up the competition

Theatre opens: 9.30pm:
In the theatre, bring it to the runway!

Category is: Trashion Fashion Passion
Serve your best look, slay the runway, score 10s across the board, prizes and trophies for individuals and houses.

Sing-along, yell-along, quote-along
You know the songs and you probably know the iconic quotes of the move! Now yell them all! Oh you don't know them? There are subtitles for you boo, because Reading is Fundamental. All that yelling got you thirsty? There's a bar in the theatre.

The KiKi Continues!!! DJ Bobby Luo plays the best disco and music from the movie

Category is: Messy Queens First Time in Drag
So you think you want to be a lip sync queen? Bring it baby! Lip sync your favourite song from the era, win a trophy, and more!
Signup: Email gloryhoesufern@gmail.com

Surprise Drag Performances.
We'd say more, but umm, SURPRISE!
WIN $300!

CLEAR THE FLOOR - This does take NERVE! This is a MotherF&@king Dance Off. Bring your best moves, battle it out, winner takes $300, a trophy and more!

The whole KiKi - $30
ONLY Afterparty - $10
Click HERE to buy Afterparty ONLY Tix!

*This event does not qualify for Projector Fan Club Membership Discount and Projector Gift Vouchers*

PARIS IS BURNING digitally remastered version courtesy of the UCLA Film & Television Archive in conjunction with Sundance Institute and the Outfest UCLA Legacy Project.

The Glory Hoes present is a series of queer film experiences. You’re hosted, sometimes you dress up, or sing, definitely cheer and hiss, yell at the screen and always lubricated with lots of booze. Films by queers, about our people and embraced by people like us. And when that is done, an AFTERPARTY! Dancing! Dancing! Dancing!

The Glory Hoes are: Becca D’Bus, Bobby Luo, Prashant Somosundram. They work with the glorious people of The Projector.