aka Professione: reporter PG13
Advisory: Some nudity and coarse languageDirector: Michelangelo Antonioni
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Year: 1975
Duration: 125Language: English

Two Screenings Only!

Hailed as one of Antonioni's greatest films, THE PASSENGER became sort of a subject of mystery and intrigue when the film suddenly dropped out of view in the 1980s after lead Jack Nicholson's company purchased international rights and allowed it to be screened only in the rarest circumstances.

Now that we're afforded this privilege, we're very excited to see one of - if not - Jack Nicholson's best performances ever on screen. Nicholson plays David Locke, a TV reporter who seizes the chance to assume a new identity when a man who looks like him dies suddenly in an isolated hotel. Switching passport photos, Locke inherits the dead man's career as an arms dealer, and begins an affair with a mysterious young architecture student (Maria Schneider, of Last Tango in Paris) he encounters on the road.

Antonioni's unparalleled ability to articulate alienation and the tenuousness of identity resulted in the iconic final sequence - which is forever remembered as one of the most extraordinary in film history.

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Presented with the support of the Italian Embassy In Singapore