The Chinese Lives of
Uli Sigg NC16
Advisory: Some nudityDirector: Michael Schindhelm
Genre: Documentary
Stars: Uli Sigg, Weiwei Ai, Fei Cao, Lijun Fang
Year: 2016
Duration: 93 minLanguage: English

Presented with the support of the Embassy of Switzerland in Singapore

There will be a post-show Q&A with Uli Sigg and Director Michael Schindhelm after the screening

Art world sensation Ai Weiwei credits him with launching his international career. Renowned pianist Lang Lang describes him as a mentor to Chinese artists. Curator Victoria Lu believes that his taste and influence as a collector has been felt around the world.

Uli Sigg is not a man who does things by halves. When he took up rowing, he went to the world championships. When he negotiated a joint venture, he wanted to create a model for future partnerships. And when he became interested in Chinese art, he built a world-class personal collection. Sigg championed the artists he admired, working tirelessly for their international recognition and to preserve their artwork as a record of China's tumultuous and historic changes. Eventually, Sigg became the Swiss ambassador to China and a consultant on major Chinese art projects, including the construction of the Bird's Nest stadium for the Olympic Games.

Directed by art historian Michael Schindhelm, THE CHINESE LIVES OF ULI SIGG is a history of China's recent opening to the West, and of the West's embrace of Chinese contemporary art, through the eyes of Sigg and the artists he championed.