Une nouvelle amie (The New Girlfriend) R21
Advisory: Mature Theme and Sexual Scenes [R21]Director: François OzonDuration: 108Language: French, with English subtitles

From the visionary mind of François Ozon (8 WOMEN, SWIMMING POOL) comes this one-of-a-kind gender-bending melodrama, which both shocks and delights in equal measure.

A man in his own genre, François Ozon's humorous yet suspenseful thriller sees a young woman make a shocking discovery about her late best friend's husband's secret habits - one that will keep you guessing and laughing all the way till the end!

Steeped in suspense and indebted to the eye-popping visuals of Pedro Almodóvar, Alfred Hitchcock and Brian De Palma, THE NEW GIRLFRIEND blends the macabre with a heartfelt romance in the tale of soft-spoken Claire and her love affair with a mysterious stranger.