R21 - Nudity and Mature Content
Directed by:
Barbara Miller
Deborah Feldman, Leyla Hussein, Rokudenashiko etc.
97 minutes
English, German, Japanese
English subtitles appear only during foreign language dialogue

Due to mandatory closure of all cinemas from 27 March to 30 April 2020, the screenings of #Female Pleasure on Friday 27 March & Saturday 25 April have been POSTPONED to Sunday 17 May 5pm.

We will be in touch with all affected ticket holders by email as soon as possible. Please be patient with us for the time being.

#Female Pleasure presents stories of five courageous women in various countries: Deborah Feldman from Brooklyn, Vitika Yadav in India, Rokudenashiko in Japan, Leyla Hussein in the Somali Muslim diaspora, and Doris Wagner in Europe, confronting harmful cultural and religious practices — like genital mutilation and the shaming of the female orgasm. Directed by Barbara Miller, this is an empowering documentary that shows how some women are smashing the patriarchy, reclaiming their bodies and celebrating their sexuality without shame or suffering.

Read more about the five female protagonists HERE

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