Singapore Roast Tournament: Finals

90 min


Time: 8pm to 9.30pm>

Hall: Blueroom

Ticket price: $15


Winner takes all. The first ever Comedy Roast Tournament in Singapore! 16 comedians will go head-to head with insults, burns and downright rudeness in an elimination tournament, until only one comes out on top and walks home with $500 in cold hard cash!

It’s the finals! The 4 semifinalists will go head to head, and tonight one person will walk out of The Projector as the first ever Singapore Roast Tournament Champion! Also, enjoy two bonus exhibition matches, to be announced soon!

Battle 1 – Semifinals 1

Battle 2 – Semifinals 2

Battle 3 – Exhibition Match 1

Battle 4 – Exhibition Match 2

Battle 5 – 3rd/4th Placing

Battle 6 - Finals

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