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  • How Do I Rent?

    Do I need to create an account to rent?

    Yes, you need to! Click HERE to register for FREE. There is no subscription fee. Pay only for the movies you want to watch, just like at the cinema. By creating an account, you can track your purchase, manage the users who can access the content you have rented, refer back to your watch history, find the content you have rented and have not watched yet. Future Projector cinema member benefits are coming online soon!

    Important note: This is a different account from your Projector Cinema Membership account (Fan/Student/Senior club)! We are working on integrating them, but it's gonna take a while! We will update members when member benefits are available on Projector Plus.

    Why do I need to key in my birthday?

    As per Infocomm Media Development Authority of Singapore's (IMDA) regulations, you may only watch rated content according to your age. We collect your birthdate to ensure compliance with regulations. By agreeing to our Terms & Conditions, you confirm that the birthdate you provide is your true birthdate.

    Why do I need to create a pin?

    This will enable you to watch R21 content (content restricted to ages 21 years and up), provided you are of age to do so. Choose a memorable 4 digit pin, and don’t share it! Make sure you remember your pin, otherwise only we can reset it for you.

    Why do I have to input the pin to see some trailers?

    The IMDA requires that all R21 content, including trailers and features of film, be accessed via a valid R21 pin.

    I can't find the film I rented, what do I do?

    All films you have rented will be listed under “Purchase” in your Account section ( You must be logged in to see them. You can also find this link under The Projector Plus "My Rentals" dropdown menu.

    Why is there a time limit on the film?

    Our agreements with distributors require films to be made available for a limited time period only. If you have any feedback on the rental time period, please send to

    How many times can I watch the film?

    You can watch the film any number of times within the rental period.

    What are the prices?

    Prices for the regular films are currently at a promotional price of $10. We may have special prices for special screenings - do check the price on the film page before purchasing.

    I rented the film a few days ago, why can’t I watch it anymore?

    The rental period is for 48 hours from the time of purchase transaction.

    I am still within my 48 hour rental period, why does the website tell me to ‘rent’ again?

    Go to My Rentals to get access to your rented films, instead of going back to the film page. If you do click on ‘Rent’ on the film page, it will take you to your film and you will not be charged again, so long as your rental period has not expired. We are working on a long-term plan to further improve the website UX and this will be taken into account for the design implemented in future releases.

  • Account Issues

    I tried to create an account, but nothing happens when I click "Create Account". What do I do?

    Are you using any space for your first name or last name? e.g. First Name: XXX XXX. Unfortunately the system currently does not accept any "space or special characters. We are working on modifying it.

    Do you have any special characters in your password? e.g. !@#$. Similarly, the system only accepts Alphanumeric passwords.

    If you are still having problems, let us know your birthdate and we can create the account for you from the backend.

    I forgot my password, what do I do?

    Automatic Password recovery from My Account will be possible soon. Until then, drop us an email at: and we will reset your password for you.

    I would like to change my password, how do I do that?

    Password management from My Account will be possible soon. Until then, try your best to stick with the one you chose!

    I forgot my pin, what do I do?

    The current version of the system does not let you update the pin yet. Drop us an email at with the subject “R21 Pin Reset” and we will help you set up a new pin.

    I would like to change my pin, how do I do that?

    Pin management from My Account will be possible soon. Until then, try your best to stick with the one you chose!

  • Technical Issues

    What are the system requirements?

    You can watch on PCs running Windows 7+, and Intel-based Macs running OSX 10.12+. You can also watch on Android tablets and phones using Chrome and on iPhones and iPads using Safari. The platform does not support Microsoft Edge browser at the moment. You will need a broadband or fiber internet connection - dial-up will not work.

    Can I watch your content on my mobile devices?

    Yes, you can watch content using Chrome and this requires Android 6.0 or later or Safari and this requires iOS 11.2 or later.. We recommend using the latest version of your browser as earlier versions may not be supported.

    Can I watch your content on my Smart TV?

    We are currently working on the Chromecast and Apple Play function for our website (launching soon!) and our mobile app will be launched in the later part of the year.

    For now:

    - Use screen mirroring between your device and TV

    - Use your SmartTV web browser

    - Connect an HDMI cord from your laptop to TV

    If you have any issues with the above recommendations, feel free to send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

    The film is stalling and I’m stuck at buffering, what do?

    If your internet connection is poor or inconsistent you may experience problems during playback.

    Why can’t I watch on my mobile/TV and my laptop at the same time?

    As part of our anti piracy security, our technology disables the simultaneous streaming of a film across devices. If your friends want to watch at the same time, tell them to set up an account, lah! They’ll need it soon for watch parties that we will be doing anyway.

    I used Chromecast but the subtitles are not appearing?

    Chromecast is not compatible at the moment but we are working on fixing this.

    I’m based overseas, why can’t I view the film?

    Our film exhibition rights are currently limited to Singapore and therefore the content is geo-locked to Singapore for now. Hence, you would need to connect from Singapore to watch the film. We may expand to the region, so keep a lookout!

    I’m based in Singapore, but it says the film is not available in my region, why?

    Please do not use VPNs, or your work laptop to watch the films. If you are using neither, please try with another device. Occasionally, you may just need to clear your cache and refresh your browser. The film streams are going through several layers of anti piracy security before being allowed to stream and sometimes this results in a false error message regarding the region. We will resolve this as part of our ongoing tech development!

  • Payments and Refunds

    How do I pay for a film?

    Using your shiny credit/debit card! We accept Mastercard, Visa, and Amex.

    I rented the wrong film, please can I change it to something else?

    Unfortunately we cannot process refunds or exchanges on our Video on Demand platform. Just watch both, they’re all good films anyway!

    I didn’t manage to watch the film in time, please can I have a refund?

    Unfortunately, we don’t do refunds. If you feel like you have legitimate reasons for missing the film, do drop us an email with any proof you have to

    You had work, a stomachache, quarrel with your lover, friend jio you siamdiu - all these don’t count ok?

    Can I transfer a film I rented to someone else's account?


  • Projector Fan Club Members

    I’m a Projector member! Are there any discounts?

    Hello, fan! Not yet, but this is at the top of our priority list! Keep an eye out for announcements on member benefits to come real soon!

  • Gifting

    Can I buy e-vouchers? I would like to gift this to my friends and family.

    We don’t have any e-vouchers right now. Sorry, low-tech we know. But it is firmly on the roadmap! Give us some time to figure it out!

    I bought/was gifted Projector vouchers, can I use them for rental films?

    For now, all vouchers are only valid for in-cinema films.

  • Corporate Events

    Do you do online screenings for events?

    Why, yes we do! The Projector Room Service handles both the content/entertainment as well as the at home delivery catering for all virtual events. Drop us an email at with your requirements and our venue hire team will do their magic.

  • Other Random Stuff

    Why are some films only available at a certain time and date?

    A number of reasons. It could be a special event screening, obligations we are bound by our distributor agreements. It is what it is.

    We’ll try our best to make all online films as conveniently accessible as possible.

    Can we suggest films for you to stream?

    Alas, as much as we would like to be the wikipedia of online films, the process of getting them is long and tedious. But if you feel very strongly about a film and its commercially viability - send your suggestion to

    None of these answered by questions, where can I go now?

    What? Nothing here answered your query? Send your weird question to

  • Important Updates & Safety Measures


    Cinema Box Office:

    Monday to Friday: 4pm to 8.30pm

    Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays: 1pm to 8.30pm

    Intermission Cafe/Bar

    Monday to Friday: 4pm to 11pm

    Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays: 1pm to 11pm

    The Projector team would like to ensure the health and safety of all visitors in our space. In line with government regulations, please take note of the following measures that will be implemented:


    - All patrons must wear a face mask at ALL times within our premises and inside the cinema halls.

    - Masks may be removed ONLY when consuming food either in the cinema halls or the foyer.

    - Patrons who do not adhere to guidelines will be asked to leave without a refund.


    -All patrons must scan the SafeENTRY QR code or fill in the contact tracing form when arriving and leaving The Projector.


    - Temperature taking is mandatory for everyone before entry

    - If your temperature is above 37.5°C you will be turned away for everyone’s safety. You will receive a movie voucher in lieu of your missed show.


    - You are having a fever or flu-like symptoms e.g. coughing, runny nose, sore throat;

    - You have been in contact with any person who was a confirmed case of Coronavirus infection in the past 14 days;

    - You have reason to suspect you might have been in contact with infected persons;

    - You have been issued a leave of absence from your employer/school or a Stay at home notice.


    - Please abide by all social distancing markers.

    - Doors will open at least 20mins before screening time. If you are watching a movie, please enter the cinema hall once doors are open.

    - Please do not linger at the foyer unless you have a table.

    - Please note we have reduced the number of tables available in the foyer and spaced them out in accordance to mandatory guidelines.

    - In the cinema halls, please leave 1metre (2 chairs) space all around you or your group (i.e. beside you, in front and behind you).

    - A maximum party of 5 are allowed to sit together in the foyer and in the halls.


    - Currently a maximum of 50 seats can be sold for each hall. Effective 01 October 2020 onwards, we will increase the maximum seating capacity to 80 seats for the Greenroom and Redrum, in line with revised government regulations.

    -We will strictly enforce this and make no exceptions.


    - We have increased the time between sessions to support social distancing in our foyer and to facilitate thorough cleaning of the halls between screenings.


    - As seats are limited, all patrons are encouraged to buy your movie tickets ONLINE to be able to secure a seat early and avoid queues at the box office.

    - If you would like to redeem your Projector 10 ticket gift pack voucher online, please follow the instructions HERE


    - All patrons are encourage to pre-order F&B from Intermission bar at before they head down to the cinema.

    -Refer to tutorial HERE on process of pre-ordering F&B


    We encourage all patrons to use contactless payment whenever possible


    - We have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting of common areas and inside the cinema halls

    - Our staff will practice frequent hand washing / sanitisation of their hands during their shifts

    - All patrons should exercise good personal hygiene at all times: wash your hands often and/or use our hand sanitisers available at the box office and near cinema entrances.

    We thank you for your cooperation on the above measures and look forward to welcoming you back to our cinema!

  • Merchandise Collection: Tote Bags, Vouchers, Adopt-A-Seat



    - All tote bags are to be self collected at the cinema box office from Wed 15 July onwards

    - Please present your e-receipt to the Box Office staff during collection

    - If you're getting a friend to collect on your behalf - please send them a copy of the e-receipt.

    - You or your authorised representative will be required to sign off when collecting your totebags.


    - All vouchers to be self collected from Wed 15 July onwards, do present your e-receipt or send the e-receipt to the person collecting on your behalf

    - The start date of your vouchers will be the day you collect them

    - If you purchased vouchers online during the circuit breaker period, and have not collected them yet from the cinema >> You can use the Voucher Redemption option online first to reserve movie tickets. Please refer to the process HERE. When you arrive at the cinema, proceed to the Box Office to collect your voucher/gift pack. Our staff will print the physical movie ticket(s) and deduct the redeemed vouchers accordingly.


    - ALL seats have been adopted! Thank you kind fosterers!

    - During Circuit Breaker Phase 1 and Phase 2, we were not allowed back into the cinema (except for essential work), hence stencilling was put on hold.

    - The seats will take about 3 - 4 weeks from reopening to be done. Delays may occur, please don't get mad! We'll email you the photo of your beautiful seat once done.

  • Projector Memberships & Voucher Holders

    PROJECTOR MEMBERSHIPS (Fan/Senior/Student Club)

    - All membership expiry dates will be extended based on the duration of the closure

    - So don't panic if your membership expired during the circuit breaker. We'll effect the extension automatically within two weeks of re-opening.

    - For new members please remember to collect your membership card at our box office when you visit the cinema. You’ll need to show your card at the bar if you want your 10% F&B discount!


    - If your vouchers expired during the circuit breaker, we will extend based on the duration of the closure

    - Just approach the Box Office and let us know you'll like to update the expiry. We'll get it sorted.

    - You can also now redeem your voucher online for a movie ticket, please refer to the process HERE.

  • Intermission Bar Dine In

    Intermission Bar is open:

    Monday to Friday: 4pm to 11pm

    Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays: 1pm to 11pm

    *Last order for booze is at 10.30pm.

    *HOUSE RULES: Only a maximum of 5 people per group allowed. SAFE ENTRY check-in/out required, temperatures will be taken, and don't forget your mask!

  • Intermission Bar Delivery

    Intermission Bar now delivers The Projector experience to your home! Available from Wednesday to Sunday, 3pm to 9pm.

    Get your favourite grilled cheese sandwiches, juicy hawt dogs, nachos and lots more. Order now!

  • Pre-order Food & Beverage before catching a show

    All patrons are encourage to pre-order F&B from Intermission bar at before they head down to the cinema to catch a show.

    Refer to tutorial HERE on process of pre-ordering F&B

  • Projector Voucher holders can now redeem movie tickets online

    Projector paper voucher holders (10 ticket gift pack or Single vouchers), you can now reserve a seat for a movie** online with your voucher:

    1. Select the GIFT VOUCHER EXCHANGE ticket type at the movie transaction page
    2. Select the number of vouchers you would like to redeem for that movie session and continue with the transaction.
    3. Complete the transaction as per usual.
    4. You will receive an e-ticket as usual
    5. On the day of your show, BRING ALONG YOUR VOUCHER. Present the e-ticket to the Box Office staff and exchange the voucher for a physical movie ticket.
    6. Use the physical movie ticket to enter the hall.
    7. You CANNOT enter the hall with the e-ticket only.

    Refer to our detailed tutorial HERE on the voucher redemption process.

    **Important: Please check the individual movie page on the Projector website as not all movies are entitled to voucher redemption e.g. Stage to Screen series, Double Bills, Special events etc. The film page will indicate if voucher redemption is not applicable.

  • What time does your box office open?

    Monday to Friday: 4pm to 8.30pm

    Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays: 1pm to 8.30pm

  • What time does Intermission Cafe/Bar open?

    DINE IN:

    Monday to Friday: 4pm to 11pm

    Saturday/Sunday/Public Holidays: 1pm to 11pm


    Monday to Sunday, 3pm to 9pm. Delivery orders made here

  • How do I get to The Projector?

    Please refer to 'Find Us' for a map location and detailed instructions. Note that we’re in Golden Mile Tower not Complex. If you’re walking in, do take the lifts in the front of the building next to the Taxi Drop-off point to avoid navigating through the labyrinth that is Golden Mile Tower! If you are driving, please park at Level 5 – the doorway up a short flight of stairs at the carpark leads directly into our cinema. Look out for the murals on the wall!

  • What buses can I take to the projector?

    Please refer to the map on 'Find Us'. Click on the bus-stop points on the map.

  • What are the nearest MRT stations?

    By Foot:

    Nicoll Highway Station on Circle Line (5 min)

    Lavender Station on East-West Line (13 min)

    Bugis Station on East-West Line and Downtown Line (13 min)

    Please refer to 'Find Us' for a map location.

  • Why are you not responding to my emails immediately?

    We are a very lean team and we run all aspects of the cinema besides replying queries through email. Please do bear with us, we endeavour to respond to inquiries within the next day.

  • Do you have a telephone number?

    Sorry, we don't have a telephone number. We address all queries through our email:

  • Can I volunteer?

    We are on the constant look out for enthusiastic and committed volunteers with a good working attitude. Volunteer positions are mainly for running front-of-house and box office operations but we are also open to other ways you can contribute.

    Drop us an email at with your CV, and let us know why you’re interested and how you can contribute to the team!

  • How much do tickets cost?

    $13.50 for Standard

    $11.50 for Concession – Seniors (55 and above), Students, National Servicemen (NSF), Persons with Disabilities and Domestic Helpers.

    Simply show us your IC / Student ID / Sg Enable Transport Concession Card / SADeaf Hearing Help Card / Work Permit at our Box Office for us to verify your identity, and you’re all set!

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    At the Box Office, we accept Cash, Credit card (Master, Visa & Amex), PayWave, NETS and Grabpay.

    Online bookings can be done through Credit card.

  • Do I need a ticket for my child?

    Kids that are more than 0.9m in height will require a concession priced ticket ($11.50) to be admitted to any movie.

    Unfortunately, infants in arms will not be permitted entry except for specially organized screenings for parents with toddlers…stay tuned!

  • I turn 21 this year. Can I watch an R21 film?

    If you turn 21 by the date of the R21 screening that you are going for, then yes, you can. We check IDs at the door; underage persons will be turned away and offered refunds at the box office. The same applies for 18 year olds and M18 films, and 16 year olds and NC16 films.

  • How far in advance can I book?

    Except for special screenings and events, our general release showtimes will be updated every Tuesday for the upcoming week. You can make a booking as long as the film/event shows up on our website!

  • Can I book tickets online?

    Head over to our Films and Events to book tickets for movies you would like to see. Click on the photo of the film for “More Info”. Then the timings of the films should load next to its summary. Then click on a preferred timing and follow the instructions!

  • Do I need to pick up tickets I bought online at the cinema?

    1) Unless you are a Projector Gift Voucher holder, you do not need to queue at the box office on-site to print out a physical ticket. Simply show your booking confirmation/e-ticket on your mobile device to our ushers at the door, when the cinema hall is ready for seating.

    Doors will open at least 20mins before screening time. Please enter the cinema hall once doors are open. Please do not linger at the foyer unless you have a table.

    2) For Projector Gift Voucher holders who have redeemed a voucher online:

    - Arrive at the cinema at least 20 minutes before your showtime.

    - Bring your voucher with you. You will need to present this e-ticket and exchange the voucher for a physical movie ticket at the box office. You cannot enter the cinema hall with the e-ticket only.

  • How can I cancel or make changes to my booking?

    While we have been gracious in allowing refunds and exchanges for online bookings in the past (there was never such practice in any of the other cinemas), we will no longer entertain such requests any further simply because it is time-consuming and frankly, not our fault.

    But if you must exchange them, we will consider your request on a case-by-case basis at our box office. Please come before the start of the film that you originally booked as we cannot swap tickets of films that have already started playing.

  • Can I select seats? / I can't find my seat number!

    It's Free Seating in the Redrum and Greenroom Halls.

    Allocated seating in Blueroom.

    During this period, with social distancing measures in place, Doors will open 20 minutes before the film is scheduled to start, so come 20 minutes before showtime to grab your preferred seat.

  • I did not receive any ticket confirmation!

    There are times when you don’t receive a ticket confirmation. Please don’t panic. Once the Payment Express transaction is a success, your name and email will most likely be reflected in our ticketing system. Simply turn up before the screening with your name and our Box Office staff will settle the rest.

  • Can I buy gift cards/vouchers?

    Everyone loves discounts! We have a 10 Tickets Gift Pack (Vouchers) on sale at our Box Office for $105, valid for a year! That’s a $3 saving per ticket, which works out to $30 savings in total!

    Gift Packs can only be purchased at our Box Office.

    To facilitate social distancing measures, Voucher holders can redeem movie tickets online. Please refer to the redemption process HERE.

    Please refer to the 'Gifts' page for more information on the conditions of the 10 tickets gift pack. Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before deciding to purchase the gift pack. Any dispute about our redemption policies will be disregarded.

  • Do you have memberships?


    Fan Club Perks include 4 free tickets, $2 off regular ticket prices (that works out to $11.50 per ticket), 10% off at the Intermission Bar and other cool, member-exclusive stuff like merch giveaways, preview screenings and more!

    We also have a Student Club and a Senior Club which entitles you to the same perks but with $2 off concession prices instead (which works out to $9.50 per ticket)!

    For more information, refer to our 'Membership' page

    Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully before you make an informed decision on which Loyalty Programme product to purchase. Any dispute about our redemption policies will be disregarded.

  • HELP! I'm a Fan Club / Student Club / Senior Club member and I can't figure out how to redeem my shizz :(

    Step-by-step instructions on Membership Logins and Redemptions HERE

  • Can I hire the cinema?

    Yes you can! Please head over to our “VENUE HIRE” page for more information or drop us an email at

  • Can I advertise with the cinema?

    Yes! Please drop us an email at for inquiries.

  • Is the venue wheelchair accessible?

    Only Intermission Bar at the cinema foyer and the Blue Room cinema hall is accessible by wheelchair. Both have step-free access on the 5th floor itself.

    To find accessible screenings / events at our cinema, you can visit our "ACCESSIBILITY FOR FILMS" page or "ACCESSIBILITY FOR EVENTS" page.

    Golden Mile Tower (GMT) taxi stand has a flight of steps leading up to the lift lobby. So to avoid that, you will need to head up the ramp at the unloading bay towards the security counter at the office tower, and then proceed through the shopping mall to the cinema's lift lobby (i.e next to the taxi stand) and take the lift up to Level 5.

    ***Due to Covid19 safety measures, GMT has currently blocked the glass doors to enter/exit the shopping mall next to the cinema's lift lobby. Therefore all patrons who require wheelchair access to our cinema, will need to notify the security staff at GMT office tower reception to open the glass doors next to the cinema's lift lobby.

    **When you are about to leave the cinema, please approach our Box Office / Intermission Bar staff to get assistance. They will call the GMT office tower reception to open the glass doors, so that you can exit via the shopping mall.

    If you are parking on Level 5, please note that there are also stairs from the 5th floor carpark to the cinema lobby.

    Our cinema's Green Room and Redrum theatres are not wheelchair-friendly as there are two flights of stairs from each theatre's entrance (approx 25 - 30 steps) to the seating areas. If you have someone to carry you up the stairs and onto the middle landing of the theatre (also the best viewing spot in the hall), we'd be happy to let you in before the rest of the audience - please drop us an email at to let us know and arrive at least 30 mins in advance of the stated showtime.

    **Please note wheelchair accessible toilets are only available at Level 1 of Golden Mile Tower. Enter via glass doors at the shopping mall entrance (next to the taxi stand), go straight till you see a sundry shop selling snacks, turn right and wheelchair accessible toilets are located at the end of that corridor.

  • Which cinema hall has bean bags?

    Only the Redrum has beanbag options for seating. The Greenroom and Blueroom do not have beanbags.

  • Why do you have a screen called CARNIVAL LVL 3 - NO ALCOHOL when i book my tickets?

    We've currently embarked on an arrangement with Carnival cinemas to use their hall at Level 3 to screen some of our films during the weekend.

    At your point of purchase you would have seen the screening hall listed as 'Carnival Lvl 3 - No Alcohol'.

    Here are a few helpful tips to navigate your screening at the Carnival cinema hall:

    - Carnival cinema hall on level 3 is accessible by lift from The Projector's lift lobby. It is also accessible by the spiral staircase if you're walking down the steps from Level 5.

    - It will be free seating in the 1000 seater hall, with a 50 pax limit. Please maintain a 1 metre or two seat gap between groups and a maximum of 5 persons can sit together in a group.

    - The movie will start on time. There will be no Projector trailers. So arrive early and tag your forever 'reaching soon' friends!

    - You can still buy your favourite drinks & snacks at Intermission Bar at The Projector (Level 5) except for Alcohol and bring them into the Carnival cinema on Level 3. Due to Carnival's licensing regulations, alcohol is NOT allowed in their hall.

    - So if you gotta have that swig of your favourite beer then please come on down earlier to chill at Intermission Bar before you head on down for the screening. Or you can always do a post-show discussion with ya mates at Intermission over beers after the movie ends. :)

    - When you arrive at the entrance of the Carnival cinema hall on level 3 please do the mandatory safe entry check in to Carnival. Your temperature will also be taken.

    - If you're planning on buying F&B at Intermission Bar (level 5) first, then you'll also need to do a safe entry check into Intermission.

    - For ticket holders who selected the movie ticket type "Gift Voucher Exchange" for the movie screening, please ensure you exchange your paper gift vouchers at the Projector box office on level 5 before heading down to level 3. You'll need a physical movie ticket printed out to be able to enter the hall. Refer to the full redemption process HERE.

    If you have any queries or feedback, please email

  • Can I buy food at the cinema?

    For sure! Intermission Bar serves a whole variety of nibbles from popcorn and nachos to heartier fare like grilled sandwiches, juicy hawt dogs and fries. We’ve got draft beer, coffee and wine to go along with it. Only food and drinks from Intermission Bar is allowed in the cinema halls! Check out “INTERMISSION BAR” for more information.

  • Why is it so cold?

    Unfortunately our cinemas are cooled by central air conditioning and we are unable to control their temperature! So we recommend you bring a sweater along when you visit our cinema!

  • I turn 21 this year. Can I watch an R21 film?

    If you turn 21 by the date of the R21 screening that you are going for, then yes, you can. We check IDs at the door; underage persons will be turned away and offered refunds at the box office. The same applies for 18 year olds and M18 films, and 16 year olds and NC16 films.

  • Does this film have subtitles?

    You can check each film’s webpage, under the subheading “Language”. If it has subtitles, it will be stated there. If you are unsure, please free to email and check with us at

  • What kind of movies will you show?

    Please refer to our “ALL FILMS” to see our selection of current films.

  • Will you have 3D movies?

    I’m afraid not – but at least you don’t have to wear those dorky glasses!

  • Will you show banned films?

    I’m afraid not – we’re still bound under IMDA’s rules and regulations :(

  • Can you bring in this film please?

    Film acquisition is not a straightforward process – it’s tedious as hell. We appreciate your input and will do our best to look into it but no promises!