Directed by:
Nitesh Anjaan
Mette Holm
57 min
In Danish, Japanese, English

This film is presented with the support of the Royal Danish Embassy.

"The film is surreal, melancholy, inspiring, fantastical – ingredients we so often encounter in Murakami’s works themselves" - Culture Trip

Dreaming Murakami is told through the eyes of translator, Mette Holm, who has been translating Haruki Murakami’s works into Danish for nearly twenty years. The film is an exploration of the dream-like quality of Murakami’s writing; a meditation on the artistic – and deeply solitary – practice of translation; and a biography of Holm’s path towards her lifelong vocation.

When Mette Holm begins to translate Haruki Murakami’s debut novel 'Hear the Wind Sing', a giant frog shows up at a Tokyo underground station. The Frog follows her, determined to engage the translator in its fight against the gigantic Worm that is ready to destroy the world with hatred. As Mette struggles to find the perfect sentences capable of communicating what Murakami’s solitary, daydreaming characters are trying to tell us, the boundary between reality and imagination begins to blur.


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