Some Coarse Language
Directed by:
Lei Yuan Bin
78 minutes
English & Bengali
English subtitles for both English & Bengali dialogues (but not closed-captioned)


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A heartfelt triptych tribute to our silent nation-builders and their shrouded life.

As part of fundraising efforts for Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) during this COVID-19 crisis, indie distributor Anticipate Pictures is kindly hosting this independent Singapore title from Tiger Tiger Pictures on their platform at their own expense in collaboration with The Projector. We thank them. All proceeds will go towards supporting initiatives by TWC2 and The Projector, after Vimeo and Paypal costs.*

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"An illuminating look at the immigrant experience in the glamorous city-scape that's as politically important as it is artistically rendered" - Cultured Vultures



After a life-threatening injury, a construction worker lies endlessly in wait to return home. A migrant poet-labourer leads students in dreaming of a river in the afternoon sun. One Muslim devotee cries while praying, wearing his “I ♡ SINGAPORE” shirt. Another fresh-faced youngster arrives, eager to try his luck here too. All this while, a social worker helping the Bengali migrant community in Singapore journeys to their motherland, Bangladesh, discovering deep pain and promise.

The heartfelt, immersive documentary interweaves the natural worlds and cityscapes of Bangladesh and Singapore. Poetically observing the broken bodies, stoic faces, surveilled dormitories, and sprawling construction sites plus shipyards that make up the migrant-labour flow from one of the world’s poorest countries to one of the richest.

As ever-towering skyscrapers built by low-wage, indebted labourers rise, an unexpected bond blossoms between injured migrant worker Feroz and his case worker, Ethan, who goes beyond the call of duty to help his "brother". A hope for human empathy is offered, even as basic rights are casually dismissed in "first-world" countries like Singapore.

Don't miss Lei Yuan Bin's heartfelt triptych tribute to silent nation-builders and their shrouded life in this poignant documentary.


Award-winning filmmaker Lei Yuan Bin’s directorial debut, White Days, and his sophomore feature film, 03-Flats, were in the official selection of the Singapore International Film Festival in 2009 and 2014 respectively. His third feature film, Fundamentally Happy premiered at the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. I Dream of Singapore is his fourth feature film.


Transient Workers Count Too (TWC2) promotes fair treatment for migrant workers. Envisioning a society that recognizes and values the important contribution they make to our households, economy and country. Through ground research and engagement with policy makers and employers, TWC2 advocates a more enlightened policy framework for migrant labour in Singapore. For more information about the work TWC2 does, please click on this LINK.