Parasite (Black & White version) M18Limited Screening

Sexual Scene and Some Violence
Directed by:
Bong Joon-ho
Kang-ho Song, Sun-kyun Lee, Yeo-jeong Jo
131 minutes

**This is a special Black & White edition of Parasite**

To watch the non-Black & White version of Parasite, visit this page.

Winner of 4 Oscars!
Best Picture, Best international feature film,
Best Screenplay & Best Director and 198 other wins

"Bong Joon-ho Delivers a Brilliant and Devastating Electric Shock of Economic Anxiety"
- Indiewire

"Exploring issues of wealth, class, greed and envy, and scored with an almost operatic intensity at times, Parasite is bravura filmmaking at its finest. Heavenly." - South China Morning Post

Ki-taek's family of four is close, but fully unemployed, with a bleak future ahead of them. The son Ki-woo is recommended by his friend, a student at a prestigious university, for a well-paid tutoring job, spawning hopes of a regular income. Carrying the expectations of all his family, Ki-woo heads to the Park family home for an interview. Arriving at the house of Mr. Park, the owner of a global IT firm, Ki-woo meets Yeon-kyo, the beautiful young lady of the house. But following this first meeting between the two families, an unstoppable string of mishaps lies in wait.

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