NC16 - Coarse language
Directed by:
Ken Loach
Kris Hitchen, Debbie Honeywood, Rhys Stone, Katie Procter, Ross Brewster
100 minutes


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Just one week after we exclusively released Ken Loach's latest film, the G hit us with a shut down, and it went real quick from SORRY WE MISSED YOU to SORRY YOU'VE MISSED IT.

As Dave Chappelle once said, modern problems require modern solutions - The Circuit Breaker™ has us innovating to meet the demands of staying home. We hear you, and we've teamed up with indie distributor, Anticipate Pictures, to offer this movie on Video-on-Demand for the month of April!

Don't miss this hard hitting tale, now more relevant than ever on the cruel gig economy and the working class struggles of Ricky, a rookie delivery man and his nurse wife, Abbie.

Every pay-per-view directly helps Anticipate Pictures and The Projector during this challenging time, and with enough demand we can keep this going - support us so that we can bring you new content! Win-win!

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"Masterful… Ken Loach (Palme d'Or winner of I, Daniel Blake) delivers one of his best films." - Screen Daily

"A gripping indictment of the modern gig economy." - Time Out London

"Well-researched and highly detailed in how it lays bare the empty promises of the gig economy and the ruthless techno-feudalism of e-commerce, Sorry We Missed You is a movie that will infuriate you. But what makes it one of Loach’s best isn’t just its rage (which is plentiful) but its compassion (which is overwhelming)." - Vulture


Ricky, Abby and their two children live in Newcastle. They are a strong family who care for each other. Ricky has skipped from one labouring job to another while Abby, who loves her work, cares for old people. Despite working longer and harder they realise they will never have independence or their own home. It’s now or never; the app revolution offers Ricky a golden opportunity. He and Abby make a bet. She sells her car so Ricky can buy a shiny new van and become a freelance driver, with his own business at last. The modern world impinges on these four souls in the privacy of their kitchen; the future beckons.

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