Revenge Of The Pontianak PG13
Advisory: Horror and some violenceDirector: Glen Goei, Gavin Yap
Genre: Horror
Stars: Nadia Aqilah, Nik Harraz Danish, Idris Mat Diah
Year: 2019
Duration: 93 minLanguage: In Malay, with English & Chinese subtitles

"The riveting, gorgeously-shot film is coupled with an enchanting soundtrack that intensifies the poignant scenes." - The New Paper

"The depth of sincerity of this tribute to the classics and its loving adherence to the form cannot be doubted." - The Straits Times

Revenge of the Pontianak marks acclaimed Singaporean director Glen Goei’s return to the big screen since the release of his 2009 murder mystery The Blue Mansion and his fresh take on the scariest ghost in Malay folklore. With visual consultant - acclaimed cinematographer Christopher Doyle (Wong Kar Wai's In the Mood for Love) behind gorgeously shot scenes.

1965, Malaysia. A small village helps Khalid and Siti prepare for their wedding day. Soon after, a great darkness falls upon the village as a string of horrific deaths and supernatural happenings create widespread fear and paranoia amongst the villagers. The events force a confession from Khalid to a murder of a girl he made pregnant years before, now believed to have returned as a Pontianak. To kill this vengeful vampire, he rallies all the men of the village and sets out into the jungle to hunt her down. But can the village stop her.